Laminated busbars follow the market to production in Asia

Paul Boughton

 For those high power electronics products like locomotives and EMUs, the technology is often imported. However, these local markets will be there for many years to come, so these markets need direct access to the latest IGBT inverter technology too.

A key component in any modern high power inverter for electrical energy is the laminated busbar.  So far no qualified manufacturer for these was present in the new Asia market countries. That is why Rogers, the manufacturer of laminated busbars used in transportation inverters, already started local production in Suzhou, about 100 km inland from Shanghai, China. This allows all those power electronics companies, both in transport and in general power conversion, to have close-by access to laminated busbar products, without the need for expensive and time-consuming re-qualification of a new local supplier. The ‘buy-local’ requirements most projects have make Rogers Asian busbar factory even more attractive.