Flow meter for high purity processes

Paul Boughton

Designed for demanding sanitary process applications in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical plants, the new ST98HP and ST98UP flow meters support a wide range of gas flow measurement applications.
They provide precise and repeatable gas flow measurement for high purity gas lines (for example,
CO2 and others), pill coater air flow monitoring, CIP and SIP flow and temperature monitoring, condenser/evaporator flow control, scrubber gas discharge monitoring and more.
The ST98HP High Purity/Sanitary flow meter features a 15 Ra
electro-polish finish with a 1-inch sanitary flange mated to a 316L inline flow tube. It comes with a 10Ra electro-polish finish with a 1 inch VCR connector mated to a 316L inline flow tube.
The 316L flow tube is available with butt weld or sanitary flanged end process connections.

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