£50m contract for storage of historic nuclear waste

Three metre cube boxes will provide storage for waste that is to be retrieved from the Pile Fuel Cladding Silo at Sellafield, UK

Mini submarines recover medical isotopes

Hundreds of the cartridges will be retrieved from Sellafield’s Pile Fuel Storage Pond and First Generation Magnox Storage Ponds at Sellafield in the UK

Managing motor and generator repairs at nuclear power stations

In the nuclear industry safety is paramount and the design and specification used for equipment involved in generating plants are governed by a series of stringent regulations. Graeme Robertson reports

Decommissioning dominates

Investments in the nuclear power industry are dominated by decommissioning, refuelling and safety projects

Nuclear global capacity must more than double by 2050

Report highlights the need for stable, long-term investment frameworks to allow capital-intensive low carbon projects, such as nuclear power plants

Belgian nuclear regulator warns of global risk as cracks found in nuclear reactors

The cracks were found in the steel nuclear reactor pressure vessels in nuclear reactors Doel 3 and Tihange 2 in Belgium

Radiation risk reduced

Two million litres of liquid nuclear waste safely pumped from old nuclear waste store

Emergency pump units for nuclear power plant

Safety regulations at many nuclear plants have been considerably tightened, this has led to an increased demand for fire fighting pump systems

Sellafield expert given institute role

A leading nuclear expert from Sellafield Ltd has accepted a prestigious role with the UK’s most influential institute for nuclear professionals

Decommissioning dominates

Investments in the nuclear power industry are dominated by decommissioning, refuelling and safety projects, reports Eugene McCarthy

Europe continues fusion reactor funding

The ITER experimental fusion reactor has secured funding to take it to the operational level. Sean Ottewell reports

Contaminated equipment recovered from nuclear fuel storage pond

Pond has to be emptied carefully as part of a clean-up and decommissioning of oldest nuclear facilities in the UK

Camera systems for the nuclear industry

In highly radioactive environments camera servicing or replacement are not an option

Nuclear industry focuses on Generation III technology and small modular reactors

Generation III power technology and advances in small modular reactors are driving developments in the nuclear power generation market. Sean Ottewell reports

Vacuum equipment plays a key role uranium enrichment

Oerlikon Leybold’s vacuum solutions deal for a nuclear plant presently under construction in the United States

Nuclear plant pile chimney opened for first time in over 17 years

Work is now underway for the major demolition of the filter gallery structure and this is due to be completed by the end of 2014

Instrument protection system targets nuclear industry

Hima-Sella to develop a two-tier, fail-safe Instrument Protection System to include the EMPHASIS-approved Planar4 logic solver

Double Drax contract win for Capula

Imtech UK’s Capula business division has won two contracts with Shepherd Engineering Services for work at the Drax Power Station



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