Nuclear Power

New nuclear decommissioning system

A robotic laser-snake arm is backed by 3D gamma dose rate scanning and VR

Creative solution for complex problem

Nuclear facility benefits from using a composite insert bonded into a pipe to fix its severe corrosion issue

Faster nuclear fusion work

Case study showing how advanced technology is speeding up MRO at the world’s largest nuclear fusion facility


Power for off-world missions

NASA tests a lightweight fission system capable of surviving space travel

Robot uranium detectors to enter service

The robots have demonstrated they can measure radiation levels more accurately from inside the pipe than is possible with external techniques

Energy Institute responds to UK White Paper

The document outlines future ideas for energy including renewables

Decommissioning developments

Nuclear safety fears fuel robot wars, reports Boris Sedacca

UV zoom lens enables remote viewing of nuclear fuel assembly

Miniature motors were incorporated to allow accurate remote setting of both zoom and focus functions

A fusion-focused future

Dr David Kingham explains why fusion energy is closer than ever before

New electric actuators for nuclear service

Polymer components, lubricants and motor windings modified to withstand radiation and high temperatures

Chaos and confusion over new UK nuclear delay, says IChemE

The delay brings further confusion to UK energy policy on top of a period of considerable upheaval that has seen the withdrawal of government support from wind and solar projects

Nuclear inspection benefits from new sensor lens

Increasing demand from the nuclear industry for radiation hard lenses optimised to operate with the latest generation of colour sensors

Vertical cask transporter

Enerpac’s vertical cask transporter for safe handling of spent nuclear fuel storage casks

Flexible format radiation resistant lens resolve optics

Used in nuclear fuel handling operation, reactor active zones and radioactive waste storage plants

Nuclear family gathering

World Nuclear Exhibition takes place From 28 to 30 June at Le Bourget, France

Calibration explanation

Guidance on how to improve power plant performance with a modern calibration process



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