Nuclear Power

Nuclear power plants gain from specialist service in Tennessee

Specialist pump maintenance resources help to meet the challenges that are unique to the nuclear power sector

How to deliver the world’s largest crane

Collett took the Sarens SGC-250 to the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant site in Somerset, England

New nuclear tech from Cavendish

In Cell Decommissioning System uses a laser-snake arm



Nuclear contract confirmed for Heysham 2 and Torness

Plan will enable both UK power stations to continue to 2030

The future of power generation?

Materials selection for nuclear fusion plasma research

Progress accelerates at Georgia power plant

First two sets of double-decker shield building panels in place

Robotic technology delivers safer and faster decommissioning of nuclear facilities

Robotic technology designed to deliver safer, faster and more cost-effective decommissioning of nuclear facilities

Nuclear facility benefits from using a composite insert bonded into a pipe to fix its severe corrosion issue

Nuclear facility benefits from using a composite insert bonded into a pipe to fix its severe corrosion issue

Speeding up MRO at the world's largest nuclear fusion facility

Case study showing how advanced technology is speeding up MRO at the world’s largest nuclear fusion facility

Power for off-world missions

NASA tests a lightweight fission system capable of surviving space travel

Robot uranium detectors to enter service

The robots have demonstrated they can measure radiation levels more accurately from inside the pipe than is possible with external techniques

Energy Institute responds to UK White Paper

The document outlines future ideas for energy including renewables

Decommissioning developments

Nuclear safety fears fuel robot wars, reports Boris Sedacca

Already available additive technology

Peter Cookson explains why vacuum brazing is a form of proven, high-performance additive manufacturing

UV zoom lens enables remote viewing of nuclear fuel assembly

Miniature motors were incorporated to allow accurate remote setting of both zoom and focus functions

The power of persistent security

Tim Ricketts provides some useful hints and tips for businesses looking to improve the security of their Industrial control systems and better protect their business from cyber attacks

A fusion-focused future

Dr David Kingham explains why fusion energy is closer than ever before

New electric actuators for nuclear service

Polymer components, lubricants and motor windings modified to withstand radiation and high temperatures



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