Measurement and Control

How to calibrate a flow meter without removing it

New in-situ unit is for oil & gas applications needing regular validation

In praise of RFID for asset management

Radio frequency identification offers industry many options

Enhanced PID sniffs out aromatic compounds

Latest update designed to offer simplicity and performance for users in oil refineries and petrochemical plants



Driving efficiency

Software innovation is boosting design and production optimisation, says Paul Taylor

Breakthrough in 3D meshing for offshore engineers

DNV GL’s new Sesam GeniE 7 release saves time and cost with its new meshing capabilities, representing a breakthrough in engineering software

Software for advanced online decision-making

Enhanced visualisation and analysis software helps improve performance in upstream and downstream operations

Advanced gas and liquids measurement

ExxonMobil project that is commercialising the gas resources of Papua New Guinea, will use the FLOWCAL measurement solution

Subsea inspection expert wins new contract

Harkand announces that it has secured its first work for Nexen Petroleum

Thermal imaging used to detect hotspots

The latest technology to minimise downtime, reduce maintenance costs and improve safety offshore

First of new offshore coastal survey vessel delivered

The Fugro Proteus is the first of three new vessels to be delivered to Fugro in 2014

Detecting VOC leaks from a safer distance

Report reveals optical gas imaging camera technology enabling VOC leaks to be detected from a safer distance

GC columns for energy and chemical industries

Agilent PLOT columns are the optimal choice for analysis of permanent gases and light hydrocarbons

Wireless sensor network logs almost 90 million sensor readings

Sonardyne AMTs are deployed for long life surveys, autonomously acquiring acoustic ranges and sensor data without surface control

Asset integrity management

Almost all of us have heard of Asset Integrity Management but probably none of us would agree on what it is and what it is not. Dr Stephen Ciaraldi reports

Integrated and automate for safety

With modern automation systems offering unrivalled levels of safety, reliability and efficiency, the major players are winning substantial contracts around the world. Sean Ottewell reports.

Free fall fish: collecting data while in motion

A computer controlled winch system can collect the profile to a depth of 200 metres while the vessel travels at a speed of 12 knots

Submersible hydrostatic level transmitters for depths of 200m

New from Impress Sensors and Systems is the SDI-12L range of submersible level transmitters that are manufactured from stainless steel or marine-bronze

Underwater thickness gauge is IPX8 rated

Rugged underwater thickness gauges for divers carrying out maintenance inspections and corrosion checks

Improved measurement of tight rocks such as shales

GeoSpec2 simplifies core measurements by offering a single instrument to measure standard core parameters


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