Additive manufacturing range expands

This latest offering is designed for larger parts

Increasing the numbers of women in STEM

It’s about more than just enforcing equal pay

The tangible benefits of VR in the engineering space

Some thoughts on what we can expect in the future


Is standard lubrication holding you back?

Some thoughts on keeping bearings in top condition

Exploring the virtual world

VR and BIM: a winning combination

Making precision robotics a reality

Some thoughts on thin section bearings in industrial applications

Technologies leading the fourth industrial revolution

Technologies leading the fourth industrial revolution

The new AM reality is coming

“Playtime’s over, but don’t panic,” says Materialise. Additive Manufacturing is on the cusp of going mainstream

Have no fear, the robot is here

Why automation is good news for humans and industry. Jonathan Wilkins discusses why the implementation of robots is having a positive impact on the human workforce

Prevention of white etching cracks in rolling bearings

The formation of white etching cracks in rolling bearings can lead to their premature failure. However, a number of innovative solutions have been developed that significantly reduce the risk of WEC, says Dr Steve Lacey

Intelligent robots: should we be scared?

Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov bestowed upon the world The Three Laws of Robotics in his collection of short stories I, Robot. By Mark Proctor

The Internet of Things … and the quality of air

How Envirologger has web-enabled much of the UK’s air quality monitoring network

The social PLM model gets a reality check

Marlee Rosen examines how ubiquitous social networking tools have become and how the global supply chain/manufacturing/development marketplace can use this to their best advantage

ISO 9001 accreditation – what value?

Many remain sceptical about the value of ISO 9001 accreditation. What are the concrete business benefits? You know you do a good job for your customers; do you need a kitemark to tell you that? Yasser Ramirez weighs up the arguments

Swarming robots could be the servants of the future

Swarms of robots acting together to carry out jobs could provide new opportunities for humans to harness the power of machines

Building a stronger automotive supply chain

With a resurgent UK automotive sector, now is the time to invest and innovate, says Richard Hall, an engine, transmission and chassis components and systems supplier

Understanding of fluid turbulence

Helpful to a wide range of fields including weather forecasting and aerospace engineering

Manufacturing businesses are most exposed to fraud

Nearly nine out of 10 were affected by fraud in the last 12 months, says survey



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