Focus on Coal

Progress at Safi power plant

130 ton high pressure heaters installed

Ash pond update

Coal-fired power stations clean up their act in Georgia

Hazardous-area safety light curtains

Protection for high risk flammable gas, vapour and dusty industrial environments



Retrofit seals protect plant equipment and personnel at coal-fired power plant

Ash slurry leaking from conveyor creates a safety hazard and puts plant at risk for costly equipment failure.

Lower oil price will not stop rise of solar photovoltaic

Frost & Sullivan publishes its new Annual Global Power and Energy Outlook

1,000 actuators for new coal-fired power plant

SIPOS actuators will be commissioned across the two 900MW units that form the basis of the new plant.

Fire suppression in corrosive environments

Tyco DDS system suited to circular, rectangular or irregular ductwork in applications including steel manufacturing, coal power generation, chemical industry and acid processing plant

Cleaner technologies reduce pollution

Clean coal technologies driving many new coal-fired projects, reports Sean Ottewell

Boundary Dam CCS project unveiling

Formal start up of ‘first of its kind’ commercial-scale coal-fired power plant CCS operation

CO2 compressors delivered to coal liquefaction plant in China

Order placed for Siemens’ largest CO2 compressor to date

Coal-fired technologies back in the spotlight

Overcoming the environmental and technical challenges of electricity from coal is a major challenge. Sean Ottewell looks at new technologies that could help

Power generation: the demise of coal still has a long way to go

Weakness in core markets but there are emerging opportunities on Europe’s periphery

Coal fly ash electrostatic beneficiation

Fly ash produced from coal combustion can be a valuable in concrete production. Scott D Ziegler and Dr James D Bittner report

The future role of fossil power generation

Andreas Pickard examines what the integration of renewable energy into the European power generation market means for the design and construction of new power plants

Cooling screw for ash handling

Kopar’s new 2G cooling screw can be assembled on site and fitted on narrow spaces

Actuators deal supports Chinese fuel conversion

More than 200 electric actuators have been supplied by AUMA to the Duolon Coal Development Project

Turbine contract for a new coal-fired power plant

Doosan Power Systems to design and supply two 160MW turbines for the plant in Paco, Panama

Corrosion-resistant heat exchangers

Resist corrosive media present at flue gas desulphurisation plants of coal-fired power stations

Power plants in a new safety perspective

Piet Rieff and Rien Scholing discuss the application of these safety studies in the development of coal fired power plants with special focus on the European energy market



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