Offshore crane for operations with limited space on deck

Liebherr launches the third model of the ram luffing knuckle boom crane series. It is the latest innovation for offshore applications in the oil and gas sector where space on deck is limited

Major automation rollout

New automation technologies and ongoing support enable BP to target production growth and safe, reliable operations

New partnership to create better foundations

This is for off-shore locations hosting wind turbines or drilling decks


New rotary seal for high pressure Oil & Gas applications

PTFE seal provides improved dynamic sealing efficiency and reduced friction by balancing the contact force on the dynamic lip

Better bore analysis

CT scans of rock core samples improve a Scottish company’s oil and gas flow predictions

Start of a new age

Stuart Large explores how technology is reshaping the oil & gas industry

Drive to reduce oil & gas extraction costs

Facility of the Future initiative an attempt to unlock more than 3.5 billion barrels of reserves

Diving into oil extraction technology

The role of precision gears in oil and gas operations

Advances in high pressure positioning accuracy

Underwater ROVs could benefit

New rotary seal

These are specifically for the oil and gas markets

Drilling success in Israel

The three mile deep well has been cased and cemented

Flying High

Louise Smyth reports on the rapidly increasing use of drones for oil & gas applications

An innovative sensor system has been deployed on the Maria field offshore

Intelligent quantitative well casing properties tool launched

Improving Well Integrity

Downhole wireless integrity monitoring system deployed

New software tool automates subsea data processing workflow

It's applicable for AUV/USV operations, shallow water surveys and pipeline inspection operations

Knowing the drill

Louise Smyth meets a former drilling engineer who is encouraging the sector to embrace innovative – and far more efficient – new technology

Deeper underground

6,000ft borehole drilled with support of compact solids control system



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