Titanium: some light relief

New ways of working with titanium, making it easier to process, could see it making inroads into the automotive industry. Lou Reade reports

Six-axis robotic waterjet trimming cell

Cuts wide range of materials for automotive, marine and aerospace applications

More than a weight issue

The main reason for specifying plastic in cars is to save weight – but they can deliver other benefits too. Lou Reade reports

Thermoplastic polyurethanes for automotive manufacturers

Materials for ABS wiring systems protection and soft touch injection moulding solutions for cup holders and key fobs

Steering wheel prototype delivered for supersonic car

Bloodhound Project is the UK’s attempt to build a jet and rocket powered car that will exceed 1,000 miles per hour

14-circuit hybrid connection system

Molex expands its Stac64 product family with introduction of 14-Circuit Hybrid System; meets increasing terminal requirements for expanding in-vehicle functionality

Specific sound source analysis for the road ahead

Source Path Contribution determines the sources of the sound - or vibration - perceived by occupants of a vehicle and determines the routes they take

Leakage detection IC for automotive applications

Suitable for back-up power supplies in EVs and HEVs that contribute to greater system safety

Will graphene supercapacitors be the best?

Contrary to teaching based on yesterday's understanding, supercapacitors are competitors of lithium-ion batteries. Dr Peter Harrop reports

Ultra-compact high efficiency power supplies for automotive applications

80 per cent fewer external parts and integrated phase compensation circuit simplify design

Bio-based materials help vehicle designed achieve minimal reliance on fossil fuel

BioMobile’s fuel consumption rate is about 0.12 litres per 100km and it runs on X41, a biofuel made from organic waste

The car's the star when it comes to losing weight

Saving weight is almost as important as saving money in the automotive industry, as it can help to meet stringent new emissions targets. Lou Reade reports

Steam technology opens up new perspectives in industrial part cleaning

EcoCSteam system removes both particulate and film-type contamination from from parts and surfaces

Vulcanising silicone seals highly stressed joints

Ford's new one litre Fox engine uses Loctite 5900 silicone

Vehicle design develops with environmental pressure

The drive for more fuel efficient vehicles which retain a good level of performance has led to dramatic reductions in panel weight and a rethink of fastening techniques. Lawrence Large looks at some fabrication methods for lighter materials

Launching a flawless Fiesta

Carly Barry and Eston Martz explain how one car manufacturer eliminated last-minute defects and achieved a successful product launch



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