Record-breaking steam car owes success to UK engineering expertise

Spirax Sarco played a key role in the success by providing expert engineering advice and high performance valves

Electric vehicle connector meets J1772 Level I and II charging requirements

The new J1772 connector from ITT Interconnect Solutions is capable of performing Level I and II charging from a low end of 15A/120V to a high end range of 75A/240V

Robot sensor system monitors adhesive on vehicle glass

BeadMonitor measurement system monitors the quality of polyurethane beads as they are applied to glass during vehicle assembly

Automatic stop-start system

SKF signs a long term contract with Valeo for supply to the new i-StARS

MEMS automotive sensors to recover in 2010

Global shipments of automotive MEMS sensors are projected to reach 591.2 million units

Robust I/O modules with CC-Link technology

Balluff’s robust CC-Link I/O modules have an IP67 rating for heavy-duty industrial environments

Supercharger system is driven via variable-speed mechanical drive

Rotrak, a joint venture between Rotrex and Torotrak, is proposing an automotive supercharger system that incorporates a full-toroidal traction drive

Touch probes have an contact force of 0.03N

Solartron's Ultra Feather Touch gauging probes have a probing force as low as 0.03N, which is lowest on the market

Conductive coatings provide a clear alternative to mesh windows

Chomerics’ WIN-SHIELD material addresses this challenge by using a one-piece, lightweight window that has a transparent conductive coating

Manufacturers of supercars adopt hybrid technologies

Automotive manufacturers are adopting numerous technologies to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, but most of this effort is concentrated on mass-produced cars. However, as Paul Stevens reports, manufacturers of supercars are now investigating hybrid and other 'green' technologies

Eco craze triggers natural tone trend for automotive colours

Coatings' designers introduce the trends for the cars on Europe's roads of tomorrow. Marco Benen reports

Meeting tough emissions rules for small engines

When it needed fully functioning prototypes for an affordable, engine management system to impress a potential customer, Scion-Sprays Ltd chose the rapid manufacturing services of Proto Labs

Aluminium heat shield makes engine bay packaging easier

Highly-formable Federal-Mogul heat shield material provides thermal protection and supports co2 reduction

Shake, rattle and roll

LDS V8 vibration system further broadens scope of stress testing at TRaC sites

Radically different approaches to car design and manufacture

Are the mainstream automakers inherently the wrong organisations to make step changes in how we fulfil our need for personal mobility?



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