Cables in less than 24 hours

igus makes pre-assembled drive cables from 0.5m readily available

Split sphericals save €220,000 for chemical plant

By replacing a solid spherical roller bearing on an exhaust gas fan with a split spherical roller bearing, a chemical plant has saved €220,000

Polyurethane flat belts

Wolfgang Körfer outlines the advantages of these belts in a variety of high performance applications

Coupling feature higher misalignment capacity, wider shaft spacing

The Double Flex CD A1C coupling provides precise positioning under high speed reversing loads without fatigue for reliable 24/7 operation

26 tonnes of counterfeit rolling bearings destroyed

Fake bearings were seized in raids on bearing distributors across Europe, including Italy, Germany and the UK

Bearing isolator achives IP66 rating

The Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator has received IP66 rating through third party testing performed at Underwriters Laboratorie

Sensor detects neutral and reverse gear positions in engine stop-start systems

Sensor element reliably detects the selected drive position and sends this information to control units incorporated in the vehicle

Ultralight flying object inspired by dragonfly

BionicOpter is a mechanical dragonfly demonstrates how the principles of nature can be applied to automation technology

Self-lubricating plastic slewing ring bearings

The PRT slewing ring from plastic bearings specialist igus UK uses two self-lubricating, low friction plastic sliding pads in place of the ball bearings

Quick and easy to install alternative to steel bearings

Steel linkages usually consist of many separate components and are extremely time consuming to assemble. However, the igus plastic double joint bearing is manufactured as just one part and can be assembled in virtually no time at all

Meeting additional emission standards

From 2013 and beyond, additional emission regulations will go into effect. Compliance with these standards presents an ongoing challenge to all manufacturers of diesel engines. Marc Ostermann reports

A second wind for the UK economy

A potential energy source that most Britons are never thankful for is wind. Boris Sedacca delves into the intricacies of mechanical to electrical energy conversion

Energy efficiency leads to renewed interest in CVT

Continuously variable transmissions have been used in niche vehicle and machinery applications for decades, but have never become as popular as their benefits might suggest. Paul Stevens reports

Gear units extend output torque from 25kNm to 242kNm

Aimed at heavy engineering applications throughout all industries

Fluid power adds muscle to robotics and mobile equipment

Machine builders, material fabricators, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment manufacturers and robotics users all have to grapple with the issue of controlling the brute force of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and actuators. Boris Sedacca reports

Synchronous belts feature carbon fibre tensile cord

In today’s high performance driven world, power transmission parts that need to be incredibly strong and lightweight are not made of steel. They are made of premium grade carbon fibre



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