Power Transmission

Industrial gear units for heavy duty applications

NORD Drivesystems extended its successful MAXXDRIVE series of industrial gear units by two sizes, and with extruder flanges.

How does lubricant affect bearing torque?

Some thoughts on the differing environments and requirements for oils and greases

Bearing failure prevention starts from day one

The mounting of bearings is a practice that requires the correct knowledge and skills.


Getting back on your feet

How Project March is helping people with back injuries

High precision for handling systems

Overcoming extreme requirements for drives

Gearing up for an oil change

Some thoughts on the importance of timing in maintenance

Extreme tech for extreme environments

New gears and actuators for subsea and space projects

Early warning system for cables

Sacrificial section alerts when 80% of lifetime is up

New Venturi valve

This cuts retraction time for single acting cylinders

New power converters

These units are for chassis and PCB-mounting

Registration now open for IMTS 2018

Strong economic growth bodes well for one of the busiest shows in years

High speed spindle bearings

High speed spindle bearings in X-life quality: new levels of design freedom for machine tool manufacturers

Meet a future supercar, with supercapacitors

Lamborghini's collaboration with two Massachusetts Institute of Technology laboratories has spawned the Terzo Millennio project

Lubrication selection for low temperature operations

Bearing lubrication can dramatically affect the lifespan of a bearing. However, when it is required to operate in extreme conditions, such as low temperatures, choosing the right lubrication is even more critical. Chris Johnson reports

Augmented humans: the future of robotic exoskeletons

Robotic exoskeletons suits will one day see widespread use in the workplace, to increase capabilities and reduce injury. Chris Johnson outlines some of the key benefits of this technology, with a particular focus on development

Mechanical backlash: how much is too much?

It is probably a natural reaction to assume that backlash is a bad thing which needs to be designed out of every engineered system. The reality isn’t so simple, as Ian Carr explains.

Bearings for those who aren't bulking up

SMB Bearings now offers small batch relubrication service

Gearing up

Graham Mackrell looks at the gearing requirements for broadcast cameras

Choosing the right bearings

Chris Johnson weighs up the difference between full ceramic bearings and hybrid bearings



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