Enhanced definition of near-surface layers

Sean Ottewell looks at a new seismic survey technique which enhances palaeochannel mapping, oil sands and regolith characterisation

Improving safety and efficiency for multi-vessel seismic surveys

SIMOPS for Seismic aids in planning, monitoring and managing complex seismic operations such as wide or multi-azimuth surveys

Multipurpose ROV support vessel

Vessel had been performing electromagnetic offshore exploration in the Barents Sea, operating from Hammerfest in Northern Norway



Measuring ocean currents for efficient seismic surveys

The demand for oil and gas drives exploration and production in to more and more complex environments. Grant Jennings and William Kikendall report

CSEM companies cut fleet sizes as market conditions deteriorate

Two late 2008 headlines indicate that all is not well with the world of controlled source electromagnetic resonance, at least in commercial term

Adapt and innovate to survive impact of the financial crisis

Dr Neil Grosse looks at how the financial crisis that has impacted all areas of the global economy, not least the seismic and hydrographic industry.

Oil supply set to grow to 2030 with no peak evident

Above ground drivers, not the amount of below ground resources will be crucial factor to flow of oil supply in the coming decades. Peter Jackson reports

Reservoir characterisation: microseismics now a key tool

William Wills looks at the increasing use of passive seismic and microseismic monitoring within the oil and gas industry

Sub-bottom survey of geological boundaries in the Arctic Circle

Though there may be vast, technically recoverable oil and gas reserves beneath the sea north of the Arctic Circle there are enormous challenges when operating in such a harsh environment. Neil MacDonald reports

Surveys and basin analyses for offshore South America

Spectrum and Hamilton Group join forces to develop 2D multi-client surveys offshore South America

Efficiency drives in a recovering market

After a period of major belt tightening in 2009 we find ourselves at mid-2010 with the marine seismic exploration market showing global activity increasing month-on-month. Neil Grosse reports

Streamer technology improves resolution of data

Keith Forward reports on how the resolution of seismic data is being improved by the use of velocity sensors alongside pressure sensors

Ocean bottom nodes in operation

Ocean bottom nodes are used to good effect in situations where accuracy of sensor placement is most important, as in time lapse surveys. Brian Anderson and Christi Todd describe how that accuracy is achieved, using the node, an ROV, and navigational systems.

Identifying shale gas 'sweet spots'

Seismic applications for shale gas reservoirs can now provide information to optimise drilling and completion locations

Successful acquisition and processing of surveys

Seismic survey companies are using ever more sophisticated techniques. Sean Ottewell reports

2D survey coverage offshore Syria

CGGVeritas offers geophysical and geological datasets to support the Syrian International Offshore 2011 Bid Round


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