Accurate measurement data

Capturing time-critical data in the energy supply industry: synchronization using GPS

Power to the people

How proper inventory management can improve operations for those working in the power gen industry

Actuator abilities in automation

Sarah Kellet explains how electric actuators deliver reliable automation at renewable energy power plants


Collaborative enterprise

Louise Smyth reports from an event in Italy that saw a power industry expert launch a new collaborative operating model that could shake up power gen operations

GIS for the energy industry

Some thoughts on real-time GIS and information from the power grid

Advanced portable combustion and emissions analysis

This device enables real-time remote operation for applications such as boilers, engines, generators

New embedded oscilloscope family

The systems are ideal for measuring DC lines

Hydrogen leak detection technology prevents power outages

This system replaces Sulphur Hexafluoride with Carbon Dioxide as a tracer gas

New air/gas flow meters

These are designed for large pipes in power generation and refining

Discerning Digitisation

Andy Graham explains how power plants can generate real value by taking a smart approach in their efforts to digitise their assets

Metering grease lubrication flow in a wind turbine

Ensuring reliable and efficient wind turbine operation is to keep the heavily loaded main bearings fully lubricated in all operating conditions

Valve control for CSP project

Sarah Kellett explains how advanced valve control supports the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant

Foundation Fieldbus actuators for record-breaking CCPP

AUMA actuators with FF interface seamlessly integrate into this environment

CHP plant gets pumping

21 hose pumps installed in landmark sustainable energy project

Astute alarm analysis

Latest management software helps rationalise process alarms at West Burton B power station



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