Accurate measurement data

Capturing time-critical data in the energy supply industry: synchronization using GPS

Drone turbine inspection upgrade

Autonomous system offers better value than previous model

Digitalisation in the energy sector

The power industry was among the first to embrace the IIoT and AI in system management


Partnership investigates power monitoring

Trialling a wireless temperature and humidity sensor at substations

New frugal diesel power generator series

This has extended service intervals of 500hrs and unaided cold start capability at -12°C

End of an era for silicone transformer fluids?

Environmental and cost concerns have pushed it to the limit

Valve automation at CCGT plant

The new Valle de México II combined cycle power plant, situated in the northern outskirts of Mexico City, relies on the latest AUMA valve automation technology.

Bright ideas

Liam Jones explains how advanced actuators are proving popular in the rapidly growing global solar power sector

NSK change bearing and fixing arrangement for cost savings at UK electricity producer

Smart bearing solution saves over €130,000 at energy plant

What are the benefits of dry-type transformers?

Pablo Castano-Mariscal challenges some widely held misconceptions about dry-type transformers – in particular that they are only for applications at up to medium-voltage where inherent safety is important

Power control system integrated utility with emergency and renewable power sources

Steve Dunn reveals how a power control system integrates utility with emergency and renewable power sources in a complex project that pioneers the microgrid concept

Power to the people

How proper inventory management can improve operations for those working in the power gen industry

Electric actuators deliver reliable automation at renewable energy power plants

Sarah Kellet explains how electric actuators deliver reliable automation at renewable energy power plants

Power generation companies improve operations using digital technologies

Louise Smyth reports from an event in Italy that saw a power industry expert launch a new collaborative operating model that could shake up power gen operations

Advanced portable combustion and emissions analysis

This device enables real-time remote operation for applications such as boilers, engines, generators

New embedded oscilloscope family

The systems are ideal for measuring DC lines



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