Single cable receptacle for robot welder connectors

Paul Boughton

A single cable receptacle for robot spot welding connectors has been introduced by Multi-Contact. The empty flange-mounted receptacle is angled downwards at 30 degrees to reduce stress on the connectors, helping to direct the cables into the cable tray and making them easier to connect.

The RobiFix B-ID range can house RobiFix male or female connectors for 25mm2, 4AWG, 35mm2, 38mm2 or 50mm2 cables. It is suitable for use with welding robots as well as stationary welding guns.

The use of single- rather than three-core cables means that the same type of conductor cable can be used between the weld timer cabinet and the welding gun. It also makes the cables easier to replace if required, leading to shorter downtimes.

Multi-Contact also manufactures the equivalent TID-B150 panel mount receptacle for use where three-core jacketed cables are used between the weld timer and the robot base.