Safety socket for perpendicular mounting on PCBs

Paul Boughton

Designed for perpendicular mounting on printed circuit boards, the XELA-4 is a new addition to Multi-Contact's range of safety sockets. Touch protected and insulated in accordance with IEC/EN 61010-1, the socket is rated at 1000 V, CAT III and 24 A.

Directly soldered onto the PCB via round 2 mm pins, it has a fixed 4 mm diameter socket to accept spring-loaded plugs with a rigid insulating sleeve. The contacts are gold plated brass, and it is available in red and black.

A sister product to the XELW-4, whose axis lies parallel to the PCB, the XELA-4 is an extension to Multi-Contact's existing range of angled 4 mm and BNC sockets, which are designed to minimise torsion stresses on the PCB. The BNC sockets are primarily designed for use in high impedance insulated inputs for oscilloscopes.