Optical encoders for hazardous areas

Posital introduces Ex 'd' units for mining and surface industries

Ultra-fast floating fuel sensor

Sensor ignores water yet reacts to the presence of a thin film of fuel oil on the surface of rainwater in bunded areas or collecting in a sump

Gas detector for extreme environments

Crowcon has extended its Xgard fixed-point gas detector range with a new stainless steel bodied sensor which provides exceptional corrosion resistance in extreme industrial environments.

IECEx Certification of Personnel Competency

New IECEx Scheme for Certification of Personnel Competency is off the ground

Handheld ATEX laser measure

Suitable for offshore personnel working on high risk rigs and installations

New concept for explosion protection of generator sets

Flamepack is a self-contained, open frame module that sits on top of the generator set container and connects to the diesel engine

Oil spill detection system

The Miros OSD System utilises a standard marine X-band radar and advanced image processing algorithms for the detection of oil spill

Light and fog warning systems for Saleh platforms

Platforms are marked by four Tideland Syncrolan LED light stations, fog signal, fog detector

ATEX standard passenger transit vehicle for oil and gas industry

Will be operated by Agip ENI for transporting work crews between facilities on the man-made offshore island

Lock can 'speak for itself’

First ATEX certified high security door lock

Rig floor PCs: portable HMIs for zone 1 on offshore platforms

Low-glare displays ensure optimum readability in direct sunlight



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