Maintaining the power balance in Europe

The age-old challenge of finding a balance between affordable, clean and reliable electricity has become ever more acute for the European power sector in recent years. Nigel Blackaby reports

Lean-burn gas generator set

Second-phase development of Cummins Power Generation QSV91 series targets remote locations by delivering robust performance with optimal load acceptance capability in island mode

Gas turbine sets for Russian district heating plants

One generator set will power a plant on the eastern outskirts of Moscow; second unit is for a plant in Kirov

Gas turbine sets for Russian district heating plants

One will power a district heating plant on the eastern outskirts of Moscow, serving the rapid growth of the city while also replacing old heating plant. The second unit is for a district heating plant in Kirov, 800km north-east of Moscow

Reliable power is critical for one of world's largest data centres

Chad Dozier outlines the mission-critical solution that delivers reliability and availability

Turbomachinery investment thrives as demand for power grows

Sean Ottewell reports that all around the world investment in existing and novel turbomachinery technology is growing in-line with demand for power

Tolerance compensation for wind turbine gear units

Shim specialist Georg Martin GmbH has developed an unusually large steel ring with a diameter of 630mm for compensating tolerance during the installation of wind turbine gear units

Slowing natural wear of downstream carbon rings

Inpro/Seal Sentinel Floating Brush Seal developed as a drop-in replacement to carbon rings

World’s largest gas engine for new-build power plant

How OdaS Elektrik, Wärtsilä and Shell combined efforts to create a state-of-the-art power plant

Software takes new approach to composites optimisation

Self-configures to loading environment, with optimisation speeds up to 1000 times faster

Gas engine reduces maintenance costs by up to 20 per cent

Finning Power Systems is now offering the efficient Cat G3516H gas engine as part of its power solutions for combined heat and power and continuous electric power applications

24MW temporary power plant installed in four days

Altaaqa Global has installed 24MWs of temporary power in the Sultanate of Oman. The power project was one of the fastest installations in the history of the equipment rental industry

Bringing power to Indonesia's communities

Allan Chin reports on how electricity is being delivered to a remote Indonesian village

POWER-GEN Europe 2013: Innovation and integration

With plans well underway for POWER-GEN Europe 2013, conference director Nigel Blackaby examines some of the key themes that will drive the debate in Vienna

Investment focuses on efficient turbine technology

Investment in higher-efficiency turbines is growing as power generators seek to increase plant profitability. Sean Ottewell reports


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