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High-sensitivity compact strain transducer

HBM has launched the CST/300 piezoelectric strain sensor to meet a growing industrial demand for compact measurement technology featuring high sensitivity

Microcontroller family with intelligent analogue integration

MCUs feature on-chip 12-bit ADC, Op Amps, high-performance 16-bit PWMs and high-speed comparators; advanced analogue and digital integration is combined with low power consumption

8mm inductive LVDT probes suit high volume OEM environments

Micro-Epsilon has developed a new, cost effective inductive LVDT gauging sensor (probe) that is suitable for medium-to-high volume OEM production environments

Zero packet loss solutions for industrial WLAN applications

Wireless interference can interrupt data transmission and cause packet loss when transmitting with single-RF devices

High power laser diode with internal monitor photodiode at 637nm

Optoelectronics' Oclaro 120mW laser diode offers precise control for industrial applications

Isolated serial repeater extends and isolates high speed RS-422/485 serial networks

Provides 1.5 Mbps throughput, 2 kV triple isolation, slim DIN rail mount form factor and top/bottom terminal blocks for easy acces

Data acquisition card measures 1kV signals with great precision

The 1kV card offers six input channels that can be recorded in parallel with a sampling rate of up to 2MS/s

Slimline text display runs on standard 3.3 V

Backlighting is available in white, amber and green/red, and users have a choice of many combinations

Integrated flyback controllers with rich protection circuitry

Fairchild Semiconductor's 2-in-1 power switch package solution provides higher efficiency and system reliability

Think green for the sake of the environment

Testing of power supplies, energy storage or electronic components for function, performance and parameters is generally done using electronic loads

Measure temperature and humidity with mobile

Sensirion has announced the integration of humidity and temperature sensor into smartphones, setting a new standard for ambient sensing

Four axis motion controller: flexible device concept for specific adjustments

The new C-884 motion controller from PI permits a vector movement of positioning systems with DC motors in four axes.

Waveform monitor with HDMI/HDCP connection

WFM/WVR5250 waveform monitors and rasterizers enable monitoring of video and audio loudness output of set-top boxes and Blu-ray Players

Isolated serial repeater extends and isolates RS-422/485 serial networks

Provides 1.5Mbps throughput, 2kV triple isolation, slim DIN rail mount form factor & top/bottom terminal blocks for easy access

Ginsbury introduces value line TFTs from Kyocera

UK specialist display distributor Ginsbury has introduced 10 new TFT LCD modules from Kyocera. Nick Flaherty checks them out

MicroTCA specialist aims at Europe

A US company specialising in systems based on microTCA technology has set up a new headquarters in Europe and launched a chassis based on the latest version of the specification. Nick Flaherty reports


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