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Smart display platform expanded

Greater interfacing capabilities with analogue, digital, I2C, SPI and UART connections

Single and dual row connector and cable assemblies

Designed to prevent failures due to terminal back-out. Nick Flaherty reports

Outdoor connector offers weatherproof seals

Provides standard A-sized housings for configuring robust and flexible interfaces in demanding conditions. Nick Flaherty reports

Ensuring effective protection against electrical surges

Chris Lloyd looks at the causes of electrical surges and the importance of protective measures

Gas sensors improve monitoring and detection

Applications include leak detection in refrigeration and gas systems and solvent detection in air-conditioning systems

Digital storage solutions

Apacer introduces new 3D NAND Flash SSD storage solutions to adopt 64-Layer BiCS3 architecture

Intrinsically safe wireless flow transmitter

Wireless radio nodes install themselves automatically in the network and adapt to changes such as data volume, radio transmission conditions

Super-sensitive non-contact temperature sensor

Accurate temperature measurement based on proprietary MEMS technology

Connector has full 360-degree EMI shielding

Has an integrated solder tail cover that prohibits EMI from radiating when HDR signals are being transferred

Improving imaging performance

New 29-megapixel CCD image sensor combines high resolution with enhanced imaging performance for high-end security, machine vision, and aerial surveillance

Making sensor selection easy for designers

Selection guide worked by initially selecting an application/usage or a method/principle as a start point

Four-channel car audio power amplifier IC

Sound quality is refined by the integration of a current-feedback system similar to that found in high-end hi-fi audio systems

Flexible LED strips

Highly flexible coloured LED strips are ideal for integration into architectural features and for outside use

Encapsulated surface mount fuse

Only surface mount fuse in the industry certified to UL 913 Standard

Time-of-flight 3D vision

Chipset simplifies design of robust and future-proof solutions for automotive, industrial and smart cities

Verification and test beds

Typical applications for the J-Link Compact models are test fixtures that are used to automate firmware verification during development

Silicone adhesive lowers costs

New Dow Corning EA-5151 Quick in Connect Adhesive accelerates assembly of automotive electronics

CPU safety-critical systems

New CPU combines high performance and functional safety to FortifAI intelligent systems

Low profile 225 Watt power supply

High efficiency and very low no load input power consumption enable compliance with the latest ‘green’ standards

Silicone conformal coatings

Help prevent the occurrence of corrosion on vital PCB components and surfaces


Your Career

Your Career


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