Underground monitoring system

Dragoncam checks the inside of cable ducts for ridges and damage

Damper is 'drop-in-place' retrofit solution

Damper drive assists compliance with strict environmental legislation for furnaces and power plants. Rand Underwood reports

The attraction of magnetic couplings

Magnetic coupling meets challenging high inlet pressure lube oil pump applications. Thomas Flauger reports

Optimising waste energy efficiency

Johan van der Kamp and Hans van Essen report on how reheaters were crucial to highly-efficient incinerator

Strategic alliances form as market grows for gas turbine repair

A combination of older turbines and new market opportunities is driving both the maintenance business and new alliances between suppliers. Eugene McCarthy reports

Control and automation key to successful plant operation

Sean Ottewell reports on how optimum electrical generation relies on the latest automation and control solutions

Benefits of dry air protection

Desiccant dehumidification protect’s steam components, water quality improves, and there is less risk of corroded tubes and breakage

Metal matrix composite technology

Ken Birchett outlines a solution to improve the grinding element lifetime for pulverised coal-fired thermal power stations in India

Re-using waste heat

Jeroen van Ruitenbeek and Johan van der Kamp look at the efficient use of waste heat in combined heat and power systems

Maintenance and operations key to efficient energy production

The need for power plants to be reliable, flexible and efficient is driving demand for maintenance and operations services and technologies

Using split roller bearings in coal-fired power stations can save time and money

Revolvo has developed special labyrinth seals; efficient maintenance is key to running a profitable power station

The advantages of repair and wear protection

Repair and wear protection of plant can be more cost-effective than buying new in an adverse economic climate

Meeting the challenge of operational excellence

Operational excellence and sustainability are major goals for modern power plants and are being achieved both by modernisation of existing facilities and new builds. Sean Ottewell reports

Specifying linings for industrial kilns and furnaces

When specifying insulating materials for use as back-up lining in kilns and furnaces designers and specifiers must ensure their system delivers optimum long-term performance. Dave Barrington reports

Understanding the importance of cable cleats

Cable cleats should be regarded as a vital element of any cabling installation, says Richard Shaw.

Laser solution for power plants slowed by slagging

A new optical technology uses artificial intelligence to allow operators to make rapid adjustments and prevent costly ash accumulation in boilers

Burner wear components for coal fired power plants

Robert Howard describes the negative impact of eroded and deformed burner nozzles and core air tubes


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