Upgrade for DXr1 digital x-ray camera software

Paul Boughton

Global Marine Systems Limited has been working in collaboration with radiography specialists, JME Ltd, to update the software for its class-leading DXr1 digital x-ray camera.

The DXr1 was first unveiled in 2013 to replace traditional film as a new standard for subsea cable repair capability. The new software is the camera’s first upgrade, and means users will be able to x-ray not only the universal joint, but other jointing solutions too.

The DXr1 facilitates the digital capture of a cable joint during repairs, with real-time review as the x-ray images are taken. As a process, it reduces the time and costs associated with image capture and assessment using traditional cable repair methods – it requires no film, chemicals or processing time.

To provide an indication of the savings on offer, the time needed to take one x-ray image is reduced from 15 seconds with film to 0.5 seconds using the DXr1, not including film processing time.

For a complete joint, the time from commencement of radiography to the start of the assessment is 2–2½ hours with conventional film and approximately 20 minutes using the DXr1.

However, with the DXr1, assessment can start as soon as the first image is available, thus further reducing the overall time. What’s more, the DXr1 also enhances the quality, efficiency and record-keeping capability of the cable jointing assessment process.

To use the DXr1, the joint is first loaded into the cabinet and job details are entered via the touch-screen. After the statutory warning beacons and sounder, the first image is captured and sent to the operator so the x-ray assessment stage can start immediately. The Image is also displayed on the screen. The cabinet is then rotated and the remainder of the images, typically around 30, are collected. The images are subsequently sent to the server for assessment before a final report is generated. Of course, if one of the images shows a feature that should be rejected, the joint can be re-moulded without waiting for the final results.

The camera is Windows compatible and offers a simple operating interface and image assessment software, which has now been enhanced.

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