Updated Polymelt 12 applicator from Oxifree

Louise Smyth

Last year Oxifree Global unveiled its new and improved Polymelt 50 applicator for use with the anti-corrosion thermoplastic coating, TM198. Now the company has unveiled a new and improved Polymelt 12 applicator. 

The applicator is a smaller machine from the Oxifree fleet, a more portable option for demonstrations, repairs, areas of confined accessibility or smaller projects. The machine has a capacity of 5.5kg (12lbs) and a long 6m (20ft) hose. 

To create the new machine Oxifree took feedback from its own projects, feedback from customers, reviewed the environments the machines operate in and looked at the demands in the market. 

Highlights include a 10% reduction in overall size making it easier to transport and manoeuvre, a 40% longer hose length, along with a new contemporary and practical design for added usability and an additional heater for improved heating time and productivity. New machines began shipping last month and feedback so far has been positive. 



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