Updated load sensing valves configurator

Paul Boughton

Bosch Rexroth has launched a new version of the M4 Configurator for M4 load sensing valves that offers faster design and procurement.

The new configurator allows users immediate access to a wide variety of innovative valve components and the necessary design documents. In addition, the M4 configurator offers an enhanced procurement procedure, ensuring the process is quick and simple.

Thanks to its precision, sensitivity and safety credentials, the M4-12 and M4-15 control blocks have become essential components for a range of mobile applications – including knuckle boom cranes, concrete machines and emergency sky lifts, as well as open-circuit travel drives for drilling equipment and forestry machines.

To aid the specification process, the new M4 Configurator allows users to navigate through a guided selection process.

As soon as a configuration is complete, comprehensive documentation including a schematic, dimensional drawings and 3D models become available. These can be immediately incorporated into the machine manufacturers‘ design process.

Chris Hudson, Mobile Applications Sales Manager at Bosch Rexroth, said: "Valve technology plays a vital role in many mobile applications in regard to precision, sensitivity, parallel operations and safety, and it’s important that these operations are carried out efficiently.

"The new M4 configurator will not only allow developers and designers to keep track of the latest valve technology developments but, with an expansive portfolio, will offer bespoke solutions to meet almost any application requirement.”

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