Update to global weather service

Jon Lawson

ABPmer has announced the latest update to its Weather Downtime Express service (WDTX), which now includes all its global and regional metocean datasets.

Developed in conjunction with offshore operators, WDTX helps clients understand and manage the weather risk involved in working at sea.

Using hindcast meteorological and oceanographic data, the automated system identifies the likely conditions that can be expected at any given time and place.

“The marine environment can be a challenging place to work.” said Robin Stephens, Head of Metocean Consultancy at ABPmer. “As weather downtime is a logistical and financial risk, no one can afford to be without a detailed understanding of its impact on programme.”

“Our weather downtime tool is regularly used by operators, developers and contractors to underpin decisions about schedule, vessel choice and pricing,” he explained. “A key feature is the ability to fine-tune methodology, assets and scheduling – crucial for project optimisation and reducing cost. We have an ongoing programme at ABPmer to develop and refine our suite of metocean models.”

Weather Downtime Express is part of Seastates, ABPmer’s metocean information service, regularly used to inform client feasibility studies, structure design, installation operations and project programming.


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