Ultra-low vibration oil-free compressor

Louise Smyth

BOGE Compressors, a supplier of industrial compressed air systems, has launched an extremely quiet and ultra-low vibration series of air compressors. The BOGE EO series features compact, integrated compressed air treatment and reliably supplies Class 0 oil-free compressed air, ideal for clean and sensitive environments such as laboratories and hospitals.

Each of the new BOGE scroll compressors in the series operates with two spirals – one of which is fixed while the other rotates eccentrically – which intertwine without touching and therefore don’t require oil lubricant. Intake air is continuously compressed into an increasingly narrower interior space, which quietly produces high quality compressed that is completely oil-free with minimal vibration. The EO 22 D with integrated refrigeration dryer and focus control 2.0, for example, delivers oil-free compressed air at 8 bar and delivers 2,520 litres per minute at a sound level of 64 dB, which is 5dB lower than a silenced BOGE screw compressor.

The EO series is designed to match compressed air output with demand to enable improved energy efficiency. Where higher quantities of compressed air is required then up to four compressors can be accommodated in a single housing.

Mark Whitmore, General Manager at BOGE Compressors, commented: “The noise emitted by most air compressors is such that normally they must be housed a fair distance away from work areas. The new EO series, however, is so quiet and pulsation-free that it can be installed in close proximity to people and work stations. Additionally, because it is absolutely oil-free it is fit for use in sensitive and clean environments."

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