Turning, locking and braking system

Jon Lawson

Originally designed in-house by Twiflex for ice breaking vessels, the Turning, Locking and Braking system (TLB) system has been further developed for a wide range of marine propulsion requirements to consolidate three separate interfaces (Turning, Locking and Braking) into one multifunctional solution.

The modular nature of the design offers each function – Turning (T), Locking (L), Braking (B) - individually or as a combination (TL, LB or TB) in addition to the full TLB system. Initially based on five standard brake disc sizes, continuous turning torques of up to 454 kNm are available and, depending on configuration, an alternative indexing system is offered as an option. 

Operation local to the equipment is provided by a compact power unit and control panel or remote pendant.

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