Test rig for flashback arrestors

Paul Boughton

Flashback arrestors for gas systems are subject to annual testing by law in many countries. With its stainless steel FBA testing device 722, Witt-Gasetechnik is offering the practical solution, while also extending the service life of these devices, and enabling greater cost savings at the same time.

Testing is quick and easy to carry out, and provides definitive results. The device enables up to four different tests: leak-tightness, safety against gas reverse flow, functionality of the pressure-controlled cut-off valve, and validation of the correct gas flow rate.

The test device weighs just 5.6kg and needs only a space of less than one DIN A4 page to be set up. It is operated with nitrogen or oil-free air. In combination with the clamping device 743 also available, a large number of devices can also be tested rapidly and conveniently – it’s simple to change out the make ready for the next one.

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