Syngas generators to create green energy

Jon Lawson

SynTech Bioenergy has signed an agreement with Waste Resource Technologies to begin deploying SynTech's proprietary BioMax power generation solution to convert green waste collected by WRT, as well as fruit processing waste from certain agricultural operations on Oahu to renewable energy.

This initial project will keep an estimated 1300 tons of waste per year out of landfills or otherwise kept from normal decay, the methane from which would have been 21 times more harmful to the pristine Hawaiian environment than CO2. This translates to the elimination of up to 8000 tons of carbon, which will be removed from the local environments through the elimination of waste transportation, elimination of methane release and displacement of fossil fired power and heat by BioMax.

"WRT believes that waste is a resource, and that we should not continue to bury or burn waste collected anywhere, particularly in Hawaii," stated Kosti Shrivanian, Founder and CEO of WRT. "SynTech's BioMax system is an excellent platform through which we can convert waste into valuable products and reduce reliance on landfills. With respect to the latter, our corporate mission is: Target: Zero Waste. We look forward to working with the SynTech team on this and future opportunities."


Read more about Hawaii's involvement with green power projects here.

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