Self-fusing pipe repair tape

Jon Lawson

Water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe has launched Dyna Stretch and Seal tape for pipe repairs. It can be used in emergency situations to cover any holes or damage in the pipe and can be applied when there is a leak, or when water or fluid is still running through the pipe.

With water leaks alone costing €80 million a year across Europe, products such as Dyna Stretch and Seal tape can reduce costs significantly.

A leaking or damaged pipe can cause downtime, lost production, structural damage and health and safety risks, so a quick method to fix pipes will be highly beneficial in all industrial, food, pharmaceutical, commercial and manufacturing applications.

Leaks from pipes containing hazardous liquids can be even more serious, especially if the leaks drip onto workers or products, particularly in food processing plants, causing contamination. By using the Dyna Stretch and Seal tape, companies can instantly repair the pipes, avoiding the prolonged risk of contamination.

Traditionally, when a leak is found in a plant, there are two approaches, both of which have drawbacks. If companies choose to manage the leak, rather than repair it immediately they risk catastrophic failure.

Alternatively, companies completely shut down production in order to repair the leak immediately. This requires a skilled engineer to completely replace the pipe but also means that the factory will suffer a loss of production, naturally having a negative financial impact.

Dyna Stretch and Seal tape allows plant operators to carry online repairs and companies don’t need to take their businesses offline to repair a small pipe, which may be one small component in a large factory. The tape is easy to use and is supplied with detailed guidelines, meaning that an engineer call-out is not required.

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