Reed relays to be showcased at industry event

Paul Boughton

Pickering Electronics will be showcasing its latest reed relays for instrumentation and automatic test equipment (ATE), high-voltage switching, low thermal EMF, direct drive from CMOS, RF switching and other specialist applications at the Engineering Design Show in Coventry, UK in October. Relays are available in surface mount, single-in-line (SIL), dual-in-line (DIL) and many other popular package styles.

Pickering is certified to ISO 9001-2008 and audited by the British Standards Institution. Its relays are subjected to continuous inspection during the manufacturing process and after a strenuous thermal cycling routine are 100% tested for all operating parameters on ATE and other specialised equipment. All ATE test results are archived and used for statistical process control.

Pickering Electronics will highlight the following products amongst others at this event in Conventry: 

Series 117 SIL reed relays
The 117 Series Reed Relays are ideal for very high density applications such as ATE, switching matrices or multiplexers. They are available in 3V and 5V, 1 Form A and 2 Form A variants and like all of the single-in-line series they are constructed using the company’s SoftCenter technology. 

Series 113 SIL changeover reed relays
The Series 113 changeover single-in-line reed relay is the company’s smallest changeover. They’re magnetically screened and require a board area of only 0.15 inches (3.8mm.) by 0.5 inches (12.7mm.).

High-voltage reed relays
If you need reed relays for high-voltage applications customers should take a look at Pickering’s high-voltage relays.