Progress at Safi power plant

Louise Smyth

Marine Maroc has used its new Enerpac SL400 gantry to install high pressure heaters weighing 130 tons at the 2×693 MW coal-fired power plant located close to the city of Safi in Southwest Morocco. Currently under construction, the plant will be the first coal-fired project in Africa to use ultra-supercritical technology offering 10% higher efficiency compared to conventional plants, enabling significant CO2 reductions and lower fuel costs. With a capacity of 1,386 MW, the plant is part of Morocco’s national strategic plan to meet its growing electricity demand at the lowest possible cost whilst respecting the environment.

Marine Maroc was contracted to transport HP heaters to the plant from Safi port. On arrival, the Enerpac SL400 telescopic hydraulic gantry was deployed for the first time to lift the heaters from the company’s hydraulic modular trailers. The SL400 gantry is Enerpac’s highest capacity bare cylinder gantry. Equipped with three stage lifting cylinders, the SL400 lifts up to 9.14 metres at the top of the third stage and can handle up to 408 ton (4000 kN) at the top of the first stage. For Marine Maroc, the gantry is equipped with powered side shift units for ease of manoeuvring loads.

As standard the SL400 features an Intelli-Lift wireless control system allowing unobstructed views of the load. The wireless system ensures automatic synchronisation of lifting with accuracy of 24 mm (0.95 inch) and automatic synchronisation of travel with accuracy of 15 mm (0.60 inch). The gantry control system allows users to operate the lift locally at each leg or use the Intelli-Lift remote control. 



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