Press-fit reed sensor requires no accessories for installation

Louise Smyth

Littelfuse has introduced the 59040 Series press-fit reed sensor, the first Firecracker reed sensor from Littelfuse with crush ribs on the capsule that requires no attachment accessories for installation. This magnetically operated sensor is designed to press-fit securely into a 3/8in (9.5mm) diameter hole and offers another sensor option for the competitive reed sensor market. Its enhanced sensitivity allows for a wider air-gap between the sensor and its matching 57040 actuator.

The sensor is designed for mounting on a fixed surface/frame with the magnet actuator mounted on the moving surface/door. It offers three contact options: normally open, normally closed, and change-over contacts. The 59040 Series press-fit reed sensor is a UL Recognized Component and offers switching capability up to 200VDC/140VAC at 10 W/VA. A range of sensitivity and cable length options are available.

Typical applications for the 59040 Series Firecracker reed sensor include position sensing in appliances, door/window position sensing in security systems; limit sensing in hydraulic cylinders; and speed and distance measuring/sensing for treadmills and bicycles.

The 59040 Series Firecracker reed sensor offers these key benefits:

* Magnetically operated press-fit proximity sensor allows for quick and easy installation without the need for screws, brackets or glue.

* Retaining ribs on the cylindrical capsule compress when inserted into a standard drill size 9.5mm (0.375 inch) diameter mounting hole to provide retaining force, allowing for secure installation.

* It mounts in and operates through non-ferrous materials such as wood, plastic or aluminium.

* Hermetically sealed reed contacts last for millions of operating cycles under microcontroller voltage and current logic-level loads.

* Magnetically operated switch is ideal for battery-powered applications because the contacts do not draw power when not activated.

* Non-contact switching solution is more aesthetically appealing than pushbutton or lever mechanical-type switches.