Oil platform fire and gas detection system

Paul Boughton

Systems integration specialist Hima-Sella has been awarded a contract from international oilfield services provider Petrofac for the provision of an upgraded fire and gas detection system for the Kittiwake oil and gas platform in the North Sea, which it operates as Duty Holder on behalf of Centrica Energy.

The system will feature a HIMA HIMax and incorporate an addressable controller (rated to SIL 2), and the overall project will also include the supply of new flame, smoke and gas detectors.

The HIMA HIMax is a programmable electronic system (PES) and, for the Kittiwake platform, it will be catering for an estimated 1,300 I/O, with scope for expansion. In addition, HIMax’s ‘NON STOP’ feature will allow changes to be made whilst the system is online and without interrupting processes on the platform.

For the majority of the fire and gas detection’s system, signal conditioning will be performed directly on HIMax’s I/O modules. Also, existing platform wiring will be used in combination with HIMA Field Terminal Assembly units (to be located in the platform’s equipment room).  

Hima-Sella’s engineers have already commenced developing the fire and gas detection system’s functionality using SILworX – HIMA’s well-proven integrated configuration, programming and diagnostic environment – and system delivery, installation and commissioning are scheduled for later this year.

For more information, visit www.hima-sella.co.uk

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