New rotary screw concept

Louise Smyth

The new Atlas Copco blower technology is based on a space-saving, vertical layout design that has proved popular since being introduced in air compressors in 2013. It will incorporate a patented interior permanent magnet motor (iPM) and intelligent Atlas Copco-manufactured inverter, and is set to offer significant operational efficiency savings to companies that still rely on traditional lobe-style blowers or recently introduced blade-type compressors.

The new technology builds on the success of Atlas Copco’s existing ZS blower range, which in recent years has helped several leading companies in the UK, including Anglian Water and Northumbrian Water, to enhance the efficiency of their operations.
Another company that recently benefited is Severn Trent Water, which chose to install reliable and energy efficient ZS oil-free rotary screw blowers from Atlas Copco at six of its water treatment plants. The ZS blower units comprise a complete, fully integrated package based on a simple internal principle: precision timing gears maintain minute clearances between two intermeshing dry screw elements that never touch. No lubrication is required in the compression space and special seals stop any rotor bearing oil from entering the compression chamber. Intake air is compressed between the rotors and their housing and 100% oil-free, pulsation-free air is delivered at an output rate of up to 3325 m3h dependent upon process demand.

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