New multimeter range

Jon Lawson

Conrad Electronic has launched a new hand-held digital multimeter line. The Voltcraft VC830/50/70 series offers a trio of sturdy, reliable and practical devices that also come with a range of safety features to protect users. For example, the series’ patented casing construction allows units to be opened when changing batteries and/or fuses only when the device has been disconnected from its measurement test leads. In addition, users are warned if the test leads have been incorrectly connected by the units’ integrated Test Lead Detection (TLD) function.

Other safety features include: a display warning sign when measuring voltages greater than 30V; high-power 1000V fuses that offer a separation power of 30kA; as well as impedance switchover, which reduces input resistance. The series’ unique safety concept is further augmented by offering the sturdy casing with sprayed soft-rubber protection.