New electrostatic capacitance torque sensor

Louise Smyth

ESTORQ is a totally new torque sensor with electrostatic capacitance system.

This is a sensor to detect and control torque generated by the revolving motion of various kinds of robot and automated assembly machines.

Taking advantage of its  small size (hollow shape) and low cost features, ESTORQ - from I-PEX Europecan be used for new applications such as force control of robots.

Industrial robots have basically been used inside of safety fence. Now industrial robots are required to operate while collaborating with person without a safety fence.

Therefore it has to have a safety function in order not to injure people. ESTORQ can be used top detect a potential collision and stop the robot to prevent contact.

ESTORQ is expected to become widespread as sensor for force control of collaborative robots.

ESTORQ, available in three models, also can be used for built-in automatic machines, such as  winding machines and screw tightening machines and or the detection of overload of rotating device.

Features include:

* Simple construction, light weight and low cost due to adoption of electrostatic capacitance system

* Just built-in (Stand-alone use, without an external amplifier

* Digital signal output directly through microcomputer.

* Detect torque by cancelling the detection of parallel road –other than Rotation torque

* No initial setting. Can be use without troublesome initial setting

* Excellent durability (by no direct load on detection parts.