New cable range gets improved compound

Louise Smyth

Huber+Suhner is launching its improved Radox 125 product range. Like its predecessor, the new portfolio will enable connections in extreme environmental conditions.
Based on proven features, the new generation offers optimised external dimensions for installations where space is limited and is particularly robust and resistant to fire and strong heat. Thanks to the improved compound, the 125 range complies fully with EU building products directive.
Cables equipped with Radox technology are characterised by a very high thermal and mechanical stress tolerance and they are resistant to chemicals. Compared to conventional cables, they have a considerably longer service life – even when faced with harsh environmental conditions. They do not melt or drip in the event of a short circuit.
"Compared to the previous 125 range, we have improved numerous features with the second generation without any significant changes in price,” said Ivan Corsini from Huber+Suhner. "The cables can be stripped easily and accurately and are therefore also suited for automated processing. We will launch the new generation of cables in October, and our customers can expect to be able to install the new solution from January 2019."
The core cables are halogen-free and are suited for an operating temperature range between -50°C and +125°C. The flexible core cables can also withstand temperatures up to +280 °C for a short time. The nominal voltage is 0.6/1 kV AC.