New app aids Sick’s inspection technology

Louise Smyth

Sick has launched Presence Inspection, a downloadable SensorApp for its Inspector P family of programmable 2D vision cameras. The addition extends the performance and versatility of the 2D offering for presence/absence quality inspection, validation and process control tasks.

The Presence Inspection 1.0 SensorApp has been developed in Sick’s AppSpace software environment to enable simple and economical pass/fail quality inspection tasks onboard the Inspector P smart camera family as standard. Coupled with a choice of camera optics, the Presence Inspection’s image processing capability can encompass wide fields of view and resolutions between 1 and 4 megapixels.

Presence Inspection can be downloaded from the AppPool, and a simple, web-based Graphic User Interface guides the user to configure a selection of tools for image analysis to suit the application. 

“The development of Sick’s Presence Inspection SensorApp is an important step that expands the image-processing opportunities for 2D quality inspection on Sick’s smart cameras,” said Neil Sandhu Sick’s UK Product Manager for Imaging, Measurement and Ranging.

“The solution is easily integrated into new or existing machinery to master a wide variety of classic 2D presence inspection tasks, such as the validation of components in a final assembly, inspecting logos or graphics on packaging or labels, component presence inspection in automotive type testing, or confirming the presence of chocolates in a box.”

Investment in an Inspector P Smart Camera with Presence Inspection onboard is future-proof because users can upgrade to new software in future, while developers and system integrators have the option to create custom software applications, without the need to change cameras.

Sick plans enhancements later this year that will extend the Presence Inspection App to encompass code reading, further pattern inspection capability and results and communication outputs. A measurement capability will also be added.


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