Metal fasteners for extreme conditions

Paul Boughton

There is a wide range of metal fasteners commonly available for standard applications, but supposing your application is at very high temperatures or in a highly corrosive environment?

Sometimes the more commonly available fasteners are just not up to the job. high-performance refractory metals are the answer. Goodfellow offers a range of refractory metal fasteners (nuts, bolts and washers) ranging in size from M3 to M6 for situations that involve high temperature, high voltage, magnetism, and harsh corrosive environments.

All four metals currently offered – tungsten, tantalum, niobium and molybdenum – are chemically inert and have: a melting point above 2400˚C; high hardness at room temperature; relatively high density; stability against creep deformation at very high temperatures.

Depending on the metal being used, these high-tech fasteners can find application in: radiation shielding; armour; atomic reactors; jet engine parts; gas turbines; rocket subassemblies; airframe systems; heat-resisting and combustion equipment; chemical processing; semiconductors; industrial motors

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