Low power AC/DC power supplies for PCB mount

Jon Lawson

With the TMPS 05 Series Traco Power launches ultra-compact encapsulated 5 Watt AC/DC power supply modules.

These 5 Watt PCB mount modules come in a lightweight fully potted plastic casing which occupies a board space of only 1-in x 1-in. The modules comply with EMC emission and immunity standards for industrial, IT and residential environment without the need of external filter components.

With a no load power consumption limit of 0.3 Watt they are predestined for applications where energy efficiency is important and compliance to ErP directive is required.

Especially for household appliances where ‘green power’ is an issue, low power AC/DC power supplies find one’s way into standby circuits. This concept enables the complete separation of the main system power supply, which works efficiently at full load operation, but causes a significant power loss in low load power standby conditions. 

A boost power of 130% facilitates the activation of main power circuits over relays, solenoids or actuators. Beside the safety approvals for industrial and IT solutions (EN 60950) the modules are also certified to the safety standard EN 60035 for easy integration into household appliances. With a high efficiency of over 90% the self-heating is in a limit which allows a full load operation of up to 50°C environment temperature. 

The input is designed for the voltage ranges of 85–264VAC and 120–370VDC. Models are available with the common output voltages in the range of 3.3 to 48VDC.