Locking system for strongroom doors

Louise Smyth

TwinLock series fully automatic high-security locks from INSYS locks are designed for high-security areas in banks and institutes. TwinLock D900 Business is the latest expansion of this product range. Certified according to VDS class 4 / CEN D, this lock system provides the highest security level available for locks.

The product features a redundant design for the drive, electronics, and mechanical parts, which ensures substantial resistance to electronic and physical break-in attempts. Even class XI - XIII strongroom doors therefore require only two locks instead of three. 

The bolt movement can be freely adjusted within a range of 8.5 mm to 15.5 mm. The bolt-driving motor has a traction/compressive force of 50 N. TwinLock D900 Business provides straightforward handling in a wide variety of applications and meets the high normative requirements of a class 4 certification at the same time.

The TwinComm configuration software can manage up to 100 users in a customisable matrix. In addition to override codes, parallel codes,  dual codes, opening delay and various time lock programs, customisable standard features include auto-lock via a door switch as well as a threat alert. Data created in the TwinComm software can be transferred by chip card to the FlatControl.

Business control terminal. Only a slim 20 mm deep, this terminal for displaying plain text information is part of the TwinLock system solution. INSYS locks also provides TwinAlarm, an ancillary control equipment, that allows users to arm and disarm an intruder alarm system. Another optional extra is the TwinXT locking device equipped with an intrusion alarm interface that allows for a complete blocking of the system in case of alarm.

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