Large diameter mirror mounts

Louise Smyth

Optical Surfaces high quality OS 300-600 series mounts are designed to provide a secure platform for larger, high precision flat, spherical and off-axis mirrors in applications where stability is critical.

Robustly designed in black anodised aluminium - OS 300-600 mounts are available in four standard sizes to accommodate high precision mirrors from 305mm (12 inches) to 550mm (21.6 inches) in diameter.

Angular alignment of mounted mirrors is achieved about the vertical and horizontal axes using dual action adjusters with fine screw and ultra-fine differential micrometer action.

Using these mounts it is possible to rapidly align a large diameter mirror within a few arc seconds.  

Each OS 300-600 mount comes with a baseplate to facilitate rapid and simple mounting onto an optical table.

A range of additional motorised options are available for OS 300-600 series mounts to enable remote operation in hostile environments or for use in limited space applications where manual adjustment may be difficult.