Innovative graphite rupture disc launched

Jon Lawson

Rembe has introduced the GRX, a pure graphite rupture disc with FDA conformity.

This rupture disc has been developed for processes with corrosive media, low pressure and temperatures of between -180°C and 500°C under oxidising and reducing atmosphere, 1,500°C under inert conditions.

The GRX is applicable for the highest temperatures by using a novel chemical vapour deposition method (PyC coating). With the PyC coating, the rupture disc holds significantly longer at very high temperatures, while remaining permanently leak-tight.

Rupture discs with a coating made of synthetic resin would no longer be able to offer this leak-tightness at temperatures far above 200°C.

With a maximum working pressure of 80% of the minimum burst pressure, the GRX is usable for rupture pressures from 20 mbarg. Nominal pipe size is available from .5in to 24in.

Optionally, a vacuum support can be integrated, which is installed without adhesive (which melts at very high temperatures). The GRX is also available with a burst indicator, upon request. The signalling device informs users about the rupture disc response. The installation occurs directly between the flanges.

In summary, the GRX boasts maximum leak-tightness due to its innovative coating and has an extra long service life. It offers high corrosion resistance and can therefore also be used with very aggressive process media. Finally, the product is also available in a vacuum-resistant design.