Information retention is key for optimum pump performance

Paul Boughton

The distinct lack of information retention around pump performance, at the commissioning stage can be detrimental to future maintenance procedures, according to one of Europe’s leading industrial services companies.

ERIKS UK warns that not recording the performance of key pump areas, such as vibration, head, flow, current drawn and alignment, at the commissioning stage can hinder future maintenance practices as there is no operational benchmark for comparison.

Andy Cruse, of ERIKS pump division, comments: “Being able to benchmark pump performance from the commissioning stage of an installation is vital for a more effective and efficient maintenance programme.

“Recording information such as the basic performance, vibration and alignment at this initial phase allows for a future comparison to be made. Maintenance teams can analyse the recordings, comparing the pumps operational capabilities at the time of commissioning, helping to locate any potential issues and identify the appropriate solution quickly and simply.”

According to ERIKS UK, many in the industry need to enhance their approach towards maintenance. Not only are recordings not being taken at the commissioning stage, simple maintenance checks are also not being performed regularly enough throughout the lifespan of the equipment.

Andy continues: “Routine maintenance is very important and simple to complete, yet it isn’t always at the forefront of pump users minds. Maintenance is generally viewed as a reactive solution to an unexpected problem, but by recording valuable pump data and conducting frequent checks, it is possible to minimise machine downtime by predicting and treating underlying issues before they become a far bigger, and more costly issue.”