How chillers prepare for Industry 4.0

Louise Smyth

Lauda is launching a new generation of circulation chillers in the Ultracool series which have been developed with a focus on energy efficiency and in compliance with the European Ecodesign Directive. 

The company has also set new standards in the digitalisation of temperature control processes as a result of the integrated web server, which permits control via mobile devices, as well as connection to the Lauda Cloud. 

Industrial circulation chillers are often used in continuous operation. They cool applications used in various industries like the printing industry, machine and plant construction and metal working. Companies are increasingly focusing on energy-saving and sustainable measures as part of the energy revolution; the need for energy-efficient options to control the temperature of industrial processes is also constantly increasing.

The European Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC defines limit values for energy efficiency which process circulation chillers must fulfill. This turns the new Ultracool devices into extremely efficient industrial circulation chillers. The design allows energy costs to be reduced by up to 50 per cent depending on the operating conditions compared with conventional chillers which are not Ecodesign-compliant. This not only reduces operating costs but also provides payback times of less than one year.

How chillers prepare for Industry 4.0 

The new circulation chillers are equipped with an LCD remote control with a cable connection as standard. An Ethernet interface for connection to a computer or local network (LAN) is also integrated as standard. In addition, the intelligent connectivity concept of the new Ultracool circulation chillers provides flexible operating options. For example, the Ultracool devices can be controlled by means of a web server via a PC or even mobile devices - an Internet connection is not necessary. They are also among the first devices to be connected to the Lauda Cloud. This enables data exchange and monitoring from any computer with an Internet connection – irrespective of the location. Lauda will systematically expand its Cloud offer from 2020 onwards and offer services such as predictive maintenance to avoid downtimes. 

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