High-performance electric cylinders

Paul Boughton

SMAC Inc’s CBL series of electric cylinders offer high speed performance and long cycle life.

SMAC’s ‘Snap Together’ design controls tight tolerance stack-up, assures high product quality and allows for competitive pricing. SMAC’s new series has moved voice coil actuators into areas which were previously the domain of pneumatic devices.

The CBL35 is the first model in the series. The CBL35 cylinder has a 35mm diameter and stroke lengths of 10mm and 25mm, and is available now. 

CBL Series electric cylinders offer a long cycle life at high cycle rates: over 100 million cycles compared to many conventional air cylinders that have a working life of only around 10 million to 20 million cycles. Carriage-free designs and built-in linear bearings, including SMAC lube rings, provide longer life.

The design and construction of CBL electric cylinders allows for cylinder acceleration up to 50G. They can operate at over 2,000CPM, where pneumatic cylinders rarely exceed 1,000 cycles per minute.

CBL electric cylinders are designed for fast, easy stroke adjustability via electrical interface. Simply type in the required speed, position acceleration and force. This allows for extremely precise adjustments in a fraction of the time that pneumatic cylinders require, with no manual readjustments required. This results in huge savings of time and cost, and increases throughput due to a significant reduction in equipment down time.

As with all SMAC actuators, the CBL line offers the ability to enable free and independent control of velocity, position, and force simultaneously. SMAC’s patented ‘Soft-land’ function provides for extremely accurate sensing of product location and ensures precise force control. These cylinders also provide 100% data feedback for all operations as a standard feature.

No external switches or sensors are required to validate cylinder movement or position, enabling a radical reduction in external wiring and a significant reduction in installation costs.

Additionally, CBL cylinders offer more consistent actuation times, with as little as one millisecond of variance in cycle times, compared to the 20 millisecond or longer variances that conventional cylinders produce. With more consistent and accurate actuation comes improved high-speed performance. 

CBL electric cylinders are extremely environmentally friendly. CBL35 power consumption is as low as 1.5 amps and 24 volts, compared to the air consumption of air cylinders and the inefficiencies of producing and transporting compressed air. Since the primary wear item in the CBL electric cylinder is the guide bushing, they can be easily and quickly repaired in the field at the end of their initial service life. This means less waste compared to the frequent complete replacement of air cylinders.  

When compared with pneumatic technology, CBL cylinders are far quieter, and because they’re electric, they produce none of the dirty process exhaust that pneumatic cylinders do. This makes the CBL ideal for clean room environments and where Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations has been introduced.

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