Grey ZnNi shell plating on connectors

Louise Smyth

Amphenol Industrial Products Group has enhanced its standard shell plating from standard cadmium to grey zinc over electroless nickel (Gray ZnNi) to be used for use in the harshest environments. Initially designed for use in marine applications, this plating is now utilised in military and industrial applications or where RoHS-compliant plating is required.

Amphenol’s upgraded, cadmium-free connector offers high corrosion resistance and no significant galvanic reaction when mated with leading standard market plating options.

Mark Cunningham, general manager, Amphenol Industrial said: “Standard cadmium plating can only sustain 96 hours of salt spray and is not RoHS-compliant. Electroless nickel and zinc cobalt can only reach 48 and 96 hours. Our new Grey ZnNi is rated for 500 hours of salt spray and is RoHS-compliant.”

Compatible with market standard plating options, Grey ZnNi is non-magnetic so it can be used safely in magnetic environments in conjunction with a connector shell that is also non-magnetic. It has an operating temperature range of -65°C to 200°C.