Folding blade mixers

Paul Boughton

Milton Roy Mixing has launched a range of mixers, Helimix, designed for 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers.

Helimix solves the problem of products stored in IBC containers that need to be regularly mixed to stop separation and deposits.  It offers an unbeatable package of folding blades, three different drive options, variable speeds, lightweight build, easy installation.

Helimix’s large rotating blades fold to a slim 70mm when closed, allowing easy insertion into the IBC containers with their 140mm openings. Once in the container the propeller and folding blades open to 230mm to get to all four corners of the container, meaning the best possible agitation to re-homogenise solutions.

The new mixer offers outstanding performance with solid suspensions and liquid blending such as paints, varnishes, oils, syrup, ink, coating, slurries, additives and products used in the water treatment and food industries.

Milton Roy Mixing in France took a year to design and test Helimix. The team focused on providing a design solution to answer customers’ priorities, which brought together benefits that maximise efficiency, productivity and potential profitability for users.

Helimix product manager, Patrice Cognart said: “Many products, during transportation and storing in an IBC may separate, with solid particles that settle or viscous products that become ‘frozen’. Helimix’s innovative design, ease of use and flexible range of options mean that whatever the solution to be stored and agitated in IBC containers, Helimix is the answer.

“Because we are using high quality Milton Roy parts for Helimix which are stored at the manufacturing site, we can turn round orders quickly. It will be ideal for food industry and other applications such as varnishing which require quick mixing and removing.”

Helimix is available with four types to suit the application: low or high speed, folding or marine impeller, electrical or air drive. It is also designed for three possible handling devices - fork lifter, crane and by hand.

Milton Roy Mixing’s design of Helimix includes quick side installation with hooks, easy mounting through the 140mm IBC opening and low weight at only 20kg. Its folding blades have an operating volume from 100 litres to 1000 litres.

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