FFC/FPC connector range extended

Jon Lawson

Connector specialists I-PEX a DAI-ICHI SEIKO company, has extended its FFC/FPC connector portfolio. This includes the MINIFLEX175-ST* series and the auto-lock type with EVAFLEX series.

The MINIFLEX175-ST has a super low profile and 0.175mm contact pitch. The finest pitch throughout the FPC connector will greatly reduce mounting area for your projects. It includes mechanical interlocking mechanism gearing with the actuator for high FPC retention force.

Super low profile

Achieved product height of 0.52mm (Max. 0.57mm), which is the second lowest connector to the MINIFLEX 4-ST H=0.50mm, capable of installing on any mobile, wearable products with even smaller, thinner product requirements than ever.

This new connector has a higher reliability structure with the back lock type feature which is also present on all other FFC/FPC connector series. The existing portfolio offers FFC/FPC pitch from 0.175mm to 0.5 mm, board pitch from 0.35mm to 0.6mm and profile height from 0.5mm to 2.5mm.

In addition, most of MINIFLEX series have a mechanical ‘lock’ which provides high FPC retention force with FPC cut-out, prevents diagonal mating and temporary FPC holding function.

Also from I-PEX is the EVAFLEX series, which features a unique auto-lock structure.

High productivity is provided by an easy and reliable mating operation by Non-ZIF and auto lock structures which insures proper mating and positive locking of FFC/FPC. This structure prevents the FFC/FPC from losing connection during high shock and vibration situations which perfectly suits industrial, medical & automotive applications. The EVAFLEX series is available in 0.5mm pitch, horizontal or vertical types and shielded or non-shielded types.

EVAFLEX5 & EVAFLEX5-VS series provide excellent EMI/EMC performance due to full metal cover and GND. They support high speed transmission and several kind of specifications like eDPT, HDMI, USB, S-ATA & PCIe.

EVAFLEX5-VS is designed foot print compatibility with CABLINE-VS which is VESA standard (notebook PC FPD, LED backlight) connector. This alternative concept support both shielded FFC/FPC and coaxial cable without PCB design change.

* World's smallest : compared by cubic volume, 19 pin count FPC connector including mechanical lock (Survey by Dai-ichi Seiko, Sep.2015)